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volume flow rate subdomain fluid error

Question asked by E. Brega on Feb 12, 2020

I have done a flow simulation (solidworks premium 2019) with 3 fluids: Nitrogen, Xenon and water.

They are perfectly separated in different subdomains, no mixing possible.

After running the sim, I check SUrface Parameter for the input and the output of the relative circuits.

The Nitrogen 2kg/min input is 100% as it should be, the output is:

Integral Parameters
Integral ParameterValue
Mass Flow Rate [kg/min]-2
Volume Flow Rate [m^3/min]-1,76963898
Mass Flow Rate of Xenon [kg/min]-1,98258981
Mass Flow Rate of Water [kg/min]-1,96867164
Volume Flow Rate of Xenon [m^3/min]-1,75422632
Volume Flow Rate of Water [m^3/min]-1,7418872
Surface Area [m^2]0,00095156

So I see 2 kg/min of totally mass flow, 1,98kg/min is Xenon and 1,96 kg/min is water.(?)

I repeated many times the sim, with different mesh density and the result change only slightly.


Is Flow Simulation not optimized for simulation with 3 different fluids?


P.s.: I tried before with Nitrogen as default and 2 fluid subdomain for Xe and H2O, no change.