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That time of the year again

Question asked by Kevin Quigley on Feb 10, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Jeff Mowry

When the good and the great of the SolidWorks fratertnity come together for the gathering - like immortals in Highlander, or maybe not! The 3D Experience World this year has already produced a stunner.


In 2020, we'll be announcing three 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS offers: Standard, Professional, Premium that include 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor AND a special version of SOLIDWORKS connected to the platform. #3DXW20
We are also announcing that starting today and until March 3, 2020, we will sell online 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor at an exceptional discount only to existing #SOLIDWORKS users. To find the details go to
New capabilities being added to the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS in the summer will include 3D Sheet Metal Creator, 3D Pattern Shape Creator and Function-Driven Generative Designer. #3DXW20
Now I know this is day 1 and more will likely be announced, but my simple mind tells me some things that are likely to happen here based on past EXPERIENCE.
1. After March 3rd, the "special version of SolidWorks" will be announced and I'm putting it out there that it will be a drawings functionality only option - with the sole intent of enabling drawings from x app modules. probably. maybe.
2. There is nothing about the cost of the new x apps and it is not clear if they will be included in 3D Creator or Sculptor - but based on past experiences I very much doubt it. There is also another rendering app called xStudio that is being launched but again will that be extra cost or included in the packages? FWIW Luxion, the company behind Keyshot, were uninvited from attending the show - so they set themselves up locally and offered a special Pro package for SolidWorks users at a bargain price.
3. Finally the switch to online purchase has begun - go ahead and buy your quarterly or annual subscription right there. No reseller needed. Not entirely sure about support though. I mean the response times on 3DSWYM are not exactly  rapid. Maybe they believe that the software is so intuitive that users don't need support?
The big question I have for Dassault/SolidWorks, which I have had since day 1 when all this stuff was announced, and the question I have posed to all the folks who have demoed this stuff to me is "why would I switch to this"?
If you buy into all the collaboration stuff, fine. But really, there is nothing here that an existing SolidWorks (or indeed any CAD user) wouldn't get using a screen sharing app or GrabCAD Workbench (which if you have never used it is fantastic). Similarly, as a SolidWorks user, why transition to these apps when to get the functionality I have I need to be paying for the combined platform xShape+xDesign and whatever extra modules they add and charge for. The subscription thing doesn't bother me as a business. We subscribe to everything else - Adobe Creative team, Office 365, Creo, Fusion etc. The cloud thing bothers me a little but the reality for us is that we do 95% of the work in the office on a 3 monitor dual processor workstations. What does bother me (as a business) is the ongoing cost and value.
Here's the deal. For the price quoted for 1 user of the combined system, I could get 4 users of Fusion 360 plus lots of cloud credits. I could add another license of Creo (and the sub d functionality in the base level Creo FAR exceeds anything in xShape). Hell, I could even buy another license of SolidWorks. You see what I don't like about this platform is that it changes constantly. The pricing changes. The content changes. Even the name changes. So why would I bother to buy into this when there is no feature level parity between SolidWorks and 3DX? Does Dassault not realise that we already collaborate, we already open up native files in other apps?
Once again Dassault miss the boat. Here was their opportunity to do what I and many others have suggested. Open up the 3DX platform and apps to all SolidWorks users on active subscriptions. Let them see the value and functionality of the new platform at no extra cost. then, over time, as the 3DX platform matures and offers great value transition subscriptions over.
Instead, the only transtioning we will be doing is towards competive systems that offer better functionality and more value for money.