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Mapping .sldprt & .slddrw variables to PDF data card

Discussion created by Eric Herberger on Feb 10, 2020
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I'm setting up workflows through the EPDM admin tool to add a variable 'Job Number' when the user transitions a model and drawing to a certain workflow state. When the transition is initiated, I've added a dispatch command that prompts the user to enter the Job Number which then maps to the data card of the part and drawing.



During the same transition, the PDF is being generated from the Execute Task action for the transition. The task successfully executes and creates the PDF as desired, however the data card doesn't show anything for Job Number, even though I set up the output variable card to map the from the source data card variable. Any ideas on what I might be missing and/or doing wrong here?



The data card for the PDF and the .sldprt and .slddrw are the same so I do not believe it to be an issue with the data card referencing the correct variable.


Any help would be great, thanks in advance!