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Where do I start my training at?  Videos, in what order?

Question asked by Steve Gruber on Feb 9, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski

I was surprised to find that when I take my laptop home with me on the weekend, I cannot open the Solidworks 2017 program at all.  I can only do so at work, where the network there can tell the solidworks network that I have a license (I am a high school teacher who knows nothing about SW and is supposed to be a week into teaching a course on SW2017.  See my intro post/thread in "General" forums...).  


I was told to follow this link:


the tutorials are excellent.  The training at Training | MySolidWorks is straight from the SW people, so you'll get good techniques from there, too. 


If I wanted to watch some videos on the subject.  Since I can't put myself thru the tutorials, I thought I'd watch some videos.  But that link just takes me to here:


I can select SW2017 and English, but all I get is a list of videos.  Where can I find a list of videos that are in order of how they should be watched, starting with a complete newbie, in English and preferably- talking about SW2017 and not a different version?  

I don't need them to be official SW and approved.  If some dude on Youtube has training videos, I'm happy to watch whatever there.  I just need to have SOMETHING started this weekend, and am quickly running out of time, so I thought I would ask for help (no, it doesn't come naturally.  It's just a computer program, surely there are things out there for what I need, right?  I'm not the first newbie to ever try to learn SW on their own, right?).  


Grateful For Your Time and Consideration,

Steve Gruber