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Is the CAD Models Library software working properly?

Question asked by Ramon Herrera on Feb 8, 2020
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I have been uploading the models from my project to the "My SolidWorks CAD Models" library:


JFK Numbers Models done in SolidWorks


Six Models from JFK Numbers Project


The problem is that I have uploaded 8 models and the 2 most recent never appear under "Profile | Models". They can only be accessed by a direct/private link:


Vintage 1963 Cigarette Vending Machine


I am rather proud and would like to show off my most recent model, the historic Zapruder camera:


Zapruder Camera - SolidWorks Version


Rendering of Zapruder Camera


In YouTube and elsewhere they have an option for "Public | Private" but I did not see anything like that. Perhaps there is a 6-model limit?




-Ramon F. Herrera
JFK Numbers