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Alternative ways to speed up rebuild times for derived pattern assembly?

Question asked by Hasanain Shuja on Feb 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2020 by Hasanain Shuja

I have a mattress assembly that I'm having a hard time getting to rebuild a derived pattern of spring rolls for various sized mattresses. It crashes as soon as I try to change the configuration.

I've done something similar with the CAD model below:

Container of Cotton Swabs

However, it's a much smaller sized pattern and can rebuild faster and successfully.


The assembly that's crashing has 11 different sizes.

As a different size configuration is selected the sub-assembly has a derived pattern that is supposed to change the numbers of springs being used for the mattress based on the fill pattern of the other part. The assembly it self works correctly and works for the largest size mattress. However, when I change to a different configuration size it just gets stuck trying to rebuild and causes Solidworks to crash.


I was able to change the rebuild time of the sketch driven part I'm using by selecting the geometry pattern option for the part based on this article:

SolidWorks Geometry Pattern: A Simple Option To Make Patterns Regenerate Faster


However, I was looking into this option I found on the forum next but want to avoid having to make separate sections to achieve the faster rebuild goal. This will complicate the CAD modeling for 11 configuration sizes:

How to improve linear pattern rebuild performance by ~10X


Does anyone know of any alternative options?

I also tried to make all components lightweight but it didn't help to remove the issue.

I've attached the parts and assembly for reference.


Spring subassy crashes upon switching configuration