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How or can you do this (Assembly Configs)

Question asked by Matt Juric on Feb 7, 2020

We want to create a "Standard" ball screw assembly. We've spoken to a few of our distributors and have narrowed our choices down to a couple manufacturers and a couple families of nuts/Varieties with in those distributors. 


What I would like to do is to be able to insert this assembly and then be able to input a load, have the choices available be limited to a band of parts that can handle that load and then make a few choices that configure the parts and boom you have your assembly....simple right.


I actually think that the configuration part can be done fairly easily by using config publisher. However I've never used config publisher so if that is not correct please let me know.


What I have no idea of how to do is to limit choices based on an input or even if that would be possible. 


As a final step would be a drawing creation. Creating the drawing I think is pretty simple but what I would like to add would be some notes based on combinations of parts chosen, for instance if the max bearing block load is some percentage lower than the max ball screw load that a warning block would show up indicating this. 


I'm just looking for input, experience attempting something similar etc.