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Can't set up different thicknesses for splitted surfaces

Question asked by F. g on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2009 by F. g
With Cosmos 2008 I used to set different thicknesses for different portions of the same surface (for example, when a reinforcing plate is welded upon the shell of a vessel).
I easily defined a split line, obtained two surfaces and then, in the "shell" section of Cosmos, I could associate a shell with a surface, defining each thickness.

This can not be done anymore with Simulation, and I find it really annoing!
Infact, Simulation defines automatically its own shells, importing them from the Solidworks surface bodies list. So I don't have the possibility to set different thicknesses in different regions of the same surface.

I know that the online help says that when defining a shell, it can be decided which surfaces will be included in it.
But actually I don't have the possibility to decide (see attachments); this choice seems to be missing.

To me, the meshing and shell definition have been simplified to much, I will probably downgrade to SolidWorks 2008, and for the next year we'll see...