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How can I use subroutines, loops etc.?

Question asked by Ingolf Tippner on Feb 8, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Michael Buchli

The CAM of Solidworks creates very long linear code.
I.e. for a pocket, this are for each Z-level the same code.
Normaly should a program be created in this kind:

M98 P100
M98 P100
and so on... If you use also G41 you can change the parameters directly on the machine.

This is important to adapt teh NC progam i.e. for perfect results.
How can I setup the CAM that it produced compact, optimezed code?
I can also use loops (REPEAT) and a lot of other Macro language parts in my controler.

I activeted the box "create subroutine calls" but this only creates subroutines for pattern feature.
The normal code don´t change with this settings.

I need very short, human readable code, that I can maintanance by hand on the machine.