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Flat mill: flute geometrie type, where can I define this?

Question asked by Ingolf Tippner on Feb 7, 2020



where can I define the geometrie of the flutes from a flat mill? We have several mills thera are cutting over the center and severals they dont have flutes in the center.

With the second type you can nore bore, you must use a start hole or you can only mill contour or y go down in a ramp.

This is important to select the correct mill in the feature strategie.
I.e. I defined various mills 3,6,10,30mm diameter, they have several materials HSS, carbide, HSS polished, etc.
And some of them are only for roughing, some for both.

The strategie selects the correct diameter, materialtype, roughing type...
But I cant select the type of the flutes.
If the strategie selects a mill without cuting over the center this ends up with a broken tool. (at least).
Or in other words, depends of the tool I must select he correct strategie to go down (start hole, ramp, direct down)

But for this I need a option in the tools.

By the way: In the picture I selected tapered shaft. Now I must insert various diametrs/length, but the pic dont change, so I dont know whats L4 i.e. :-)