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Challanges with static simulation

Discussion created by Odd Ramone on Feb 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by S. Y.

I`ve drawn a steel structure in SW and want to do a static analysis. Here is what happens:

When I open the static study I get his message:

"Problems have been found while creating joints due to short beams and wrong neutral axes of them. Check the highlighted beams and their neighboring beams".

I just click OK. (Is this something that will make any troubble?)

When I have made the fixtures and appplied the force/gravity I run mesh. Then I get the message:

"One or more joints lie inside solid, and cannot be bonded. Model may not be stable"

I press OK. And then it try to start meshing, then this message appere:

"At least two bodies are interfering. Do you want to check interference?"

I find some parts that interfere, about 0,000123mm. But it`s very complex to do the changes. So I choose Global Contact – Incompatible Mesh. Then run mesh, the meshing works!

New message: "Beam is not properly bonded to shell/solid". How do I bond?

I change all the parts to solid, then run mesh. Then run analysis

Model is unstable. Check that you have applied adequate fixtures to stabilize the model.

Here I use the "Contact Visualization Plot" and see several parts that don`t have contact. So I think I need to set some connections. I use the "Rigid Connection" and chose the faces of the parts. Then I run, and it works. But is the "Rigid Connection" the best connection for these parts. They will be welded when I manufacture the product, what connection will make the most precise study you think?


Can I do this analysis with beams? If so, how do I fix the neutral axes and how do I bond them to shell/solid?


I have attached a file of the model. Hopefully someone can help me, this is a little-bit frustrating