Lukas Kantor

Augmented reality app + SW

Discussion created by Lukas Kantor on Feb 7, 2020


Its a little OT, but just for inspiration.

I want to show you my own AR app.(for android)

Its real project. Nothing special, just wing gate.


Now there are only 2 majors dev. tool Unreal and Unity.

So this is done in Unreal Engine 4.




Where do you think the whole AR,XR is going? 


I have so many ideas.

- design purpose

- welding workflow (welder just spawn digital twin next to and watch how to weld the whole thing)

- assembly workflow (I will set how to assemble model steb by step in real world). Yes you have to hold mobile in one hand but maybe with hololens?


many many more. I think it hits(and is hitting already) many areas. 


everything is possible, limitations are just in programmer