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Radius compensation fails.

Question asked by Ingolf Tippner on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Ingolf Tippner


I created a simple part with a rectangulat inner pocket with corner radius of 5mm.

I configured the machine (Kitamura) and the tool changer and tools.
I have 2 tools, one 2mm drill and a 6mm endmill.


The roughing process works fine (dont use the G41).
The countour finish process uses G41 with leadin/leadout. This fails.


I will explain.

N0535 Z25.
N0536 X39.27 Y10.382
N0537 Z1.
N0538 G01 Z-5. F685.8
N0539 G41 X41.476 Y8.176 F2057.4 (My machine controller no needs the D-Parameter!)
N0540 G03 X41.9 Y8. I41.9 J8.6 (absolute center coords!)
N0541 G01 X75. F2743.2


The contour is on Y=5mm. So, the leadin goes wrong and all corrdinates after G41 are not contour coordinates.
They are compensated coordinates.

How must I change this setting? I will use G41/G42.