Stephen Wilson

Help with upgrading "Inherited" SolidWorks 

Discussion created by Stephen Wilson on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by David Matula

My company has a licensed version of SolidWorks 2016. Our mechanical engineer moved on to greener pastures about a year ago, and I'm the new CAD guy. I have been using the software for a few months with no issues but, I would like to upgrade to the latest version. As I said, the company has a licence but, I don't think we have a subscription. (can someone explain the difference?)

I don't know what the password is that is associated with the previous user's account. So, I can't log in using those credentials. I have tried contacting sales but, haven't heard back from them. Does anyone know who I should contact at Dassault to get this straightened out? I can provide the serial number, and pretty much any info about the account to verify ownership, other than the password.

I have tried using the automatic update tool within SolidWorks. It looks like the software is eligible for upgrade but, it won't let me download it due to an "internal error." I have done some Googling about this issue and it seems to be somewhat common. The suggested solutions are to log into the site and download it manually, which is where I ran into the password issue. I assume I have to log in with the account that is tied to this serial number to complete the upgrade?

Thanks in advance for your time.