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Can you reproduce blocking on the PDM client with concurrent user actions?

Question asked by Matt Hensley on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Matt Hensley

I was wondering if others could try something to see if you can reproduce something with the PDM Client/GUI.

My test was having 2 users perform actions independently on 2 different client PCs inside the PDM Client / Vault and measure timings to see how long it should take.
Then try the same thing, but at the exact same time, and measure timings and see if you experience a very noticeable slowdown when things happen at the same time.

The example action would be changing states on a chunk of documents at the same time.  Specifically our example we tested was select 300 documents in the vault, and change state on them.  When done one person at a time, just for the sake of the example, it takes 5 seconds, and when both people to try it at the same time (on separate documents, of course), the same 300 documents would take 10 seconds to complete the state change, or twice as long.

This observation, with just 2 concurrent user actions impacting the overall performance to this degree, we're wondering what sort of blocking is happening behind the scenes here.