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How to configure grib and tool changer correctly?

Question asked by Ingolf Tippner on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by Michael Buchli


I have a Kitamura Vertical center with a 16 tools torret tool changer (bidrirectional).
But the 3 predefined gribs in Solidcam are 20 places, I will change to 16. How can I do this?
The next: How can I block a place in the tool changer? i.e. sometimes the springs they clamp the tools must be changed, in the meantime I cant use thios place, i.e. place 5. How can I block them, so that the CAM dont use this place?
The next: Some tools are very big, so that the places beside them must be empty. How can I configure this?

And I found a lot of predefined tools in the CAM. But this is useless, because I dont have this tools. How can I delete all this predefined stuff (tools, holders etc.) for a clean system? I will only add my tools and holders (BT30).