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Question asked by Steve Gruber on Feb 3, 2020
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My name is Steve Gruber.  I am a high school physics teacher, with several years experience.  I worked in engineering for 20 years before switching careers to become a teacher.  

I was asked to take on the role of teaching a 1 semester course on Solidworks when I was hired.  I told them a dozen different ways "I am not qualified to do this, I do not have any experience in this."  They hired me anyways.  I took the job because I wanted to teach physics (love of my life).  

The course started a week ago.  This is the first time I am able to sign in to any of the Solidworks website.  It may come as no surprise that my school is in the bottom 6% of high schools in the state.  I'm not complaining, I knew this when I signed on and am happy to help.  I won't have any resources from the school to help me figure this out, but here is what I do have:

17 desktop computers, each with Solidworks 2017 loaded on and ready to go.  I have a site license valid for 20 student accounts.

15 students, all of whom are excited to be in my course.  I have been covering the basics of engineering in the notes so far, and we have been building popsicle stick bridges and learning from our mistakes.  This has been going well so far, but the sooner I can start teaching Solidworks the better. 

85 more class days (and counting down).  each class lasts 84 minutes (block scheduling).  

A classroom computer projector that can project onto a screen or a whiteboard.

A teacher laptop that is powerful enough.  On it, I see 4 icons:  


        Solidworks electrical

        Solidworks composer player 2017

        Solidworks visualize 2017

        Solidworks 2017


I have been told that there are a series of lessons/tutorials that I am to follow, and that these are plenty enough to fill the semester.  This could be a lie.  I have no idea where to start to find any of this stuff.  

Here is the experience I bring to bear:
A former reactor operator in the US nuclear navy program.  I seem to be smart enough for most things.

My dad worked for IBM.  I was on ARPANET way back in the day.  I am computer literate.  I did know how to write code in the 1980's, but not since then.  

I took a 1 day course a couple months ago in Google Sketchup.  I can draw the plans for a house in there, without too much difficulty (I am slow, though).  


My first question: is there a forum aimed at high school teachers who are teaching this program?  Where can I find some other teachers who can speak my language of "lesson plans" and "unit tests"?

Thanks so much.