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Motion Analysis of a vibrating screen

Discussion created by Andres Felipe Diaz on Feb 3, 2020
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Hello Everyone,


I am currently working on a motion alalysis for a vibrating screen which is supported by compression springs (see the image 3). I would like to know how the vibration amplitude changes according to the eccentric force exerted on a wall of de screen and the spring constant. However, in the motion study, you cannot simulate the transversal movement but just the axial movement on the spring. 

In order to simplify the simulation, I have used two plates separated by a compression spring (see the first image), the lower plate is fixed and a vertical force is applied on the upper one.... that works perfectly. The problem comes when I also apply a horizontal force on the upper plate, this way the spring works like a tension spring whichs is pinned on its sides.



I appreciate your help to understand what is that I am doing wrong or to do it in a different way.




Andrés F. Díaz.