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Solidworks not getting latest

Question asked by Gary Hamm on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by Nadia Shea

Recently we upgraded to Solidworks 2019 SP5.

I have noticed that when we release our drawings we have a task run on approval that converts to PDF.


But its not pulling latest version of files and is creating PDFs of previous versions of the assemblies.


We verified the task as executed by ADMIN.

Went into the Admins Settings within PDM verified the following.

-Reference Dialog.

   -Auto select reference files to get latest version when checking out. Checked.

   -Always work with latest version of files. Checked


So I am not sure why when Solidworks files open and I check details it will say 7/11. or when I open an assembly its not always pulling latest of all files. Task log details also say 7/11

Any help on this one greatly appreciated, we have been working with our VAR and have had no luck as of yet on a resolve and have asked for it to be escalated to Solidworks.