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Question asked by David Cook on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by David Cook
I get this error while trying to open an assembly to begin rendering...

"This file does not contain geometry that is accessible to Photview 360. If you want to save the file with such geometry, you must resave the file with tessellationdata: In Solid Works/Tools/Options/Document Proerties/Image Quality/ Save Tessellation data with part document."

1.) I have NO appearances, materials etc applied to these parts in SW.
2.) I CAN open each part of my assembly successfully into PV360.
3.) The old tried and trues (retar/reboot) does not correct this issue.

4.) I did recieve this error before (when I HAD a material with a "textured pattern" applied to it. I "learned my lesson with this" and stopped applying any materials prior to bringing them into PV360.

5.) The little "save tesselation dat with part document" box IS checked but greyed out (so basically I have NO choice BUT to save my parts with this options.

HELP A NOOB out.....!!!!?