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3DVIA on site demonstration feedback

Question asked by Andrew Justice on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by Andrew Justice

Good day all,

This is my first post and I wanted to share experiences I have had on site giving 3DVIA Composer demonstation.

My name is Andrew Justice and I work at a small SolidWorks Reseller named CADDWorks in Camp Hill, PA. I have years of experience in Print and Web consulting and was an Apple Reseller and was excited to see 3DVIA Composer. I have read a majority of the posts and appreciate you all sharing thoughts.

My biggest hurdle is the price to purchase. I have found that marketing/sales deptartments see the biggest value in this product. Engineering likes this product as I have heard them state " This product will reduce sales and marketing from being in my hair "

I have had in a demonstration owners of the company tell me " I can create 1 animation to train my shop guys, use as a sales aid and use as an install guide over the web? " I answer " Yes"

So, how do I quantify ROI to justify this purchase...

How much does your company spend on technical documentation and how is this process completed?

I have heard crazy number$ being spent for videos of their products, I have also heard time and time again about their customer service division ordering the wrong replacement part and wasting valuable time and money in the process.

Obviously I am partial in my opinion due to my employment. However, you cannot ignore the years (15) in Print and Web. This product fills in the cracks nicely between Engineering and Marketing. Cost justification is clarified by having impressive animations that will appeal to everyone and eliminates the language barrier maybe allowing companys to sell the product worldwide.

Having .svg format with linked Bom will reduce errors in customer service and clearly provide information your customers want immediately. In the Internet age we have created a new sense of urgency. Your customers will expect to view your product on line and order parts immediately or will purchase a competitors product.

I would enjoy hearing comments.