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Unrealistic Simulation result for a Sheet Metal part

Question asked by Justinas Rubinovas on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Scott Leacox



First time seriously using Simulation. I was testing a sheet metal part that I modeled (gauge 8 / 4.17mm thick, Stainless Steel) for a specific load scenario that I know well with a very moderate load of 500 N, when I noticed that the Simulation predicts stress that exceeds the yield strength of this material:


By trial and error, I measured that this part could withstand only ~335 N before yielding - that is, only 34 kg force. That can't be right. I know from on-field experience that Stainless Steel parts such as these, even with lower thickness, in this specific load scenario can withstand much greater forces - upwards of 200 kg - before any plastic deformation will occur. The material properties of Stainless Steel appear to be set correctly in the SOLIDWORKS material library. Therefore I am pretty sure I'm using Simulation incorrectly. Can someone please take a look at my file, and point out my mistake?