Gordon Kistler

Suppressing Smart Features

Discussion created by Gordon Kistler on May 4, 2009
Is there a way to suppress smart features in a design table? Or maybe there is another way to do what I'm describing below?

I created a channel using a design table. The channel can vary in length and, depending on the length, will have from 2 to 6 holes for attaching it to the mating component. For each configuration within the design table, I have a linked value for the overall channel length. I also have each of the six holes defined as separate features (no pattern) with linked values for the distance of each from the centerline (location varies based on channel length). In the design table I used $State@Hole1x (x=1 thru 6) to suppress or unsuppress the holes as necessary for the specific configuration (i.e., a 1" channel has 2 holes unsuppressed, other 4 are suppressed). I double checked and made sure that holes suppress and unsuppress correctly depending on length.

I then created a Smart Component, following the help instructions (created dummy assembly, created holes in mating part using the six holes in the channel, Tools/Make Smart Component). The problem I have now is that the Smart Component has all six holes listed in the Smart Feature folder and even though the parent features may be suppressed, the smart features aren't. This means that for a 1" channel (supposed to have two mating holes), the smart feature blasts 6 holes into the mating part and then gives me a rebuild error for the mating part.
Any ideas on what I can do? I'll certainly be glad to clarify the above if you have questions.