Stephen Whippie

EPDM DraftSight to PDF Task Gets Stuck because of Drawing File Recovery

Discussion created by Stephen Whippie on Jan 31, 2020

SOFTWARE:   Using SolidWorks PDM 2019 (SP 5.0) with DraftSight 2019 x 64 SP3. 


Summary of Problem:   We are a company Utilizing AutoCAD 2018 within our PDM.  We have a DRAFTSIGHT to PDF task in place which opens the .dwg file up and exports it to a PDF on our Released Drive location.  Most of the time this task works as designed outputting a perfectly fine PDF without any issues.  But about 1 out of 5 times it gets "hung up" because this prompt (pictured below) appears.  The box says:  "Drawing file requires recovery.  Do you want to proceed?"  The answer is always yes and the file never seems to be missing any data.  However, this box appears very small on the computer screen behind all the other programs and ceases the progression of the task. This usually results in the task eventually timing out and the PDF not being created.  Is there something in Advanced Scripting that can be done to resolve this (press enter after opening file or something?).  It's weird because of it's inconsistency.  

Even after deleting all items in the AutoCAD file & purging & overkilling the file in AutoCAD I receive the pop-up window when opening in DraftSight.  I have attached an example .dwg with the same error.  Even with nothing in the file the window is still popping up.  (Nothing is in the attached file)


If anyone has seen this or has a fix I would very much appreciate some feedback.