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Show the property page in the specified panel (top or bottom) in the feature manager tree

Question asked by Asa Fedina on Jan 30, 2020

Hello everyone,


In SOLIDWORKS, we have feature manager tree with two panels, top and bottom.

We have the ActiveFeatureManagerTabIndex (IModelViewManager) property to set the active tab. Works great.

And I'm trying to find a function to choose in which panel I want to activate the tab (top or bottom), and I can not find it.

The problem is that I want to show my properties page in the specified panel (top or bottom). I use the Show2 method (IPropertyManagerPage2) and cannot specify which panel to show it on.


The first question, can I specify in which panel show my property page using SOLIDWORKS API?

And the second question, can I at least activate the panel I need or activate the tab on the panel I need using SOLIDWORKS API?