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Unicode Parasolid Support - Non-English

Question asked by Clayton Krause on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by Clayton Krause

Posting this in API/Macro as it's a bit more of a "under-the-hood" technical question that I think fits better in this circle.



How do non-English Sldworks users here work with Parasolid (X_T) when Parasolid does not seem to support Unicode, non-ASCII characters?


Part of my job is processing Sldworks data from China / Taiwan via X_T Parasolid files, but it seems like only ASCII characters are supported with Parasolid files. All the unicode Mandarin symbols get replaced with underscores when I save an assembly out to X_T which means I'm losing important reference configuration or part name data.



Is there anyway to get Parasolid to respect Unicode characters or am I out of luck on this one? Tested with v27 and v31 of Parasolid between Sldworks 2015 & Sldworks 2019


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