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Group subassemblies during export

Question asked by Rusty Mahony on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by Rusty Mahony

I'd like to create an animation that switches between two different assemblies at some point.  I've created a top-level assembly that includes two subassemblies:



I'd like to switch between the vertical motor installation and the horizontal halfway though the animation.  So from this:



to this:



Ideally, I could hide each subassembly alternately to show one at a time.  The problem is how things look when I export to Visualize 2019 - everything is grouped under one assembly in the parts tree.  Is there a way to export the assemblies as TWO model sets?



If not, is there a way to create a new group at the same level (for example) as Root in the screenshot above so that I can move the parts in order to separate them?  That way I can create keyframes for each and use opacity to show and hide, etc.?


Thanks in advance.