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Circular Sketch Pattern elements not fixed?

Question asked by Mike Thompson on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by Jim Steinmeyer

I am creating an internal involute tooth feature. In doing so, I circumscribed a hex about my base circle size. I then used Circular Sketch Pattern to rotate two more instances of my hex at 20 degrees, which provides me with 18 teeth for my pattern. Long story short, after all of my creation and water jetting prototypes and struggling with sizing and fit, a came to the realization that the two rotated hexes in my sketch pattern can be pulled from the rotation point's center, after the command is exited. I re-did the feature and tried to select the hexes, post-rotation, and selected "fix". This resulted in the sketch erring out and being angry. I undid that and purposely pulled the sketches off-center. This generated two lines from the hexes to their centers that were connected in the middle and blue. I grabbed the point and dragged it to my rotation center point, it snapped right on and everything is happy.


Has anyone else ever experienced this? Would you consider it a bug that the pattern comes out not fixed?