Brett Casteel

Work from home virtual PC or standard desktop?

Discussion created by Brett Casteel on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by David Matula

Were I work we are thinking about hiring someone who would work from home a couple states away. Would the user be better off having local CAD PC, or using a remote connection to either a virtual or real PC here?


We use EPDM so once the files are pushed or pulled he would work locally but the process of transferring the files could take a while.


Also what is the best way to handle templates and library features currently we store those on a local server folder so when one is updated or added everyone gets the new file. I have tried using EPDM for this but I have never had much luck with it working you have to manually get new updates solidworks does not seem to run a get command on its own for updates and changes to templates or library features.


What are some other unexpected pitfalls for remote users of solidworks that i might not be thinking of?