Ashwanth Narayanaswamy

shrink fit analytical/hand calculation too far off from SW simulation results

Discussion created by Ashwanth Narayanaswamy on Jan 28, 2020

I see that the contact pressure calculated by SW simulation is higher than what it should be (all versions give same results)

I just did a hand calc for the SW simulation built in tutorial and it seems to me that the actual analytical result, for shrink fit contact pressure, is too far off from the SW simulation result (CP using analytical hand calc=43,877 psi; CP using SW simulation = 57,272 psi)

The problem we could easily discuss is the “inbuilt” SW simulation tutorial related to shrink fits .
You should have it on any installed SW version under SW simulation tutorials under “help”.
You should be able to access the part files when you open the tutorial.

I see the difference when I compare the hand calculation results from standard formulas, used for shrink fits, with SW simulation FEA results.
All of this is explained in the attached pdf documents.
Also attached is the hand calculation.