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Solidworks 2020 SP1.0 Opening previous file issue - Video Attached

Question asked by Andres Kacerosky on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Adam Hartles

Hello, today I updated to Solidworks 2020 SP1.0 from Solidworks 2019 SP4.0. I am having several issues but one big issue is that when I try to open a part, it opens whatever was opened before. I have attached a video but I am not sure if it will be uploaded. So here are the steps to my issue. 


(1) Open part1, save and close. 

(2) Open part2, opens part1. -----> opens wrong part so I close. 

(3) Open part 2, opens part2


Let me know what to do. I am just thinking of going back to Solidworks 2019.