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Why does DriveworksXpress refuse my prefix rules?

Question asked by Tim Crawford on Jan 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Tom Wormald

Hi there, I'm having an issue with DriveworksXpress claiming my filenames contain an invalid character.


I have followed the instructions in this thread and as stated in the Driveworks documentation however when using an asterisk at the start and the end of the file name, the original filename is not appended but the creation errors out claiming invalid characters. Using a single asterisk at the start does work to wipe the original file name, but the second seems to cause an invalid character error rather than appending the original file name.


The rule I am trying to use is this:

="*" & Projectnummer & "-" & "*"

The rule I am attempting to use in DriveworksXpress


As you can see, this does seem to be a valid rule.


Sadly when the project is run, DriveworksXpress claims "The value for A004 (*00-*) contains invalid characters for a file name"


Driveworks claims invalid characters


The desired behaviour here would be Driveworks using Projectnummer as a prefix, ending up with a file name of "00-A004", can anyone please help me figure out where this is going wrong?