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Components and/or locations for enclosures

Question asked by Johan Linell on Jan 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Johan Linell

Hi all,


We make a lot of enclosure based automation systems.

I often draw the wiring line diagrams as an overview of a system where you can see the cables going from enclosures to transducers, other enclosures etc. We draw detailed wiring in the schematics.


To be able to illustrate from and to which enclosure a cable runs we create an enclosure symbol (component) in the line diagram (for example A4). Then put the components within the enclosure as subcomponents under this enclosure. In this way it is possible to display both the enclosure and the cable marks from cables connected to subcomponents in the wiring line diagram as well as associate the wires to the cable in the schematic.

But... We also want the from<->to information on the cable marks we print. This requires locations. Like if we have enclosure A4, we call the location L4. This works, but it feels like we create double marks for every enclosure (both A4 and L4). SWE also per default adds manufacturer parts (DIN-rails and ducts) to the location instead of the enclosure when making a layout drawing.


I'm a bit confused and wondering if I'm using these functions as the SWE designer intended us to do. I asked my SWE support. Their comment was that they thought I found a good way to deal with the program, but did not tell me if what i did was wrong or right.

So my question, or rather request, is to get some comments about how you guys do and think about this.