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Twisted product sample issue

Discussion created by Ahmad Alshaikh Ali on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Ahmad Alshaikh Ali

I'm trying to draw the sample in the attached pictures, It's two triangle, small base triangle, and scaled up top triangle that is twisted 180 degrees, my first choice was using loft with guides to give the corners their shape, but that made the walls not "bloated" the way the original is, and I tried drawing guides to make the walls go outward but that didn't work and I tried using "normal to profile" option but id didn't work, instead it was kind of going inwards whatever I did or had a bad shape that was nothing like the original.
I tried extrude with flex but gave the same issue, and I had the idea of using sweep with a twist degree but that wouldn't work either.

Can anyone please help? I'd really appreciate it, thank you.