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How to de-couple a part from an old assembly?

Question asked by Neil Jed on Jan 27, 2020

I'm looking for some advice around an odd problem I'm having.


I started a long running SolidWorks project a while ago and having learnt a lot since I want to do-over my old project to tidy it up. Basically I want to start over with the root assembly and re-add all the relevant parts, sub-assemblies and fix up the mates so it's *just* the parts I need and all the detritus that piled up during the learning process can go.


I started a new assembly, imported a few parts but quickly discovered that the parts back reference the previous assembly - both some references and used-by links.


Breaking the external dependancies was fairly easy but I cannot seem to get my old assembly to "let go" of the parts.


I have opened the parts individually and used "Save as Copy" to hopefully made a de-coupled copy of the part and I'm importing the copy into the new root assembly. But I'm finding that it's still trying to open the old parent assembly and then trying to open everything in that in some sort of dependency hell.


I've looked in SolidWorks explorer and can see that my saved copy still references the OLD assembly so it doesn't seem to be entirely isolated and de-coupled.


Can anyone shed some advice? What's the best practice for taking a pre-existing part in it's own file and making a copy into a new folder where it's completely de-coupled from the previous assembly.


*Bonus* It would be great if I could also move the old drawing files for the part to over and retrain the link to the part but I guess that's no possible with a saved copy.