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edrawings pro 2009

Question asked by ANDREW MASSEY on May 3, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2009 by ANDREW MASSEY
morning folks
has anyone put edrawings pro on a terminal server and got it to work if so how???.
the reason behind this is as follows, all our engineers only have a router back to the server they can open and print files but can not update them, we are in the process of moving over to solidworks and would like to use edrawings pro as our default viewer as it has mark up facilities which can be saved without changing the original file as the changes are logged electronicaly it saves paper and the planet, we have the standard edrawings on the server at the moment working fine, but no mark up facility, i have thought of using task scheduler but not sure if it will change dwg to edrawings but i think it is a recipe for disaster going down that road, we have been in touch with our local support agent who have not really been much help, so i thought i would come to the experts.