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LEFT/RIGHT hand BEND via configurations

Question asked by Heikki Jalonen on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Jason Martin

Sorry, it's me again asking elementaries...   (SW2017 SP5)


What you folks consider the most convenient & efficient & less crashy way of modeling LEFT/RIGHT hand SHEETMETAL part variants via configurations?


Condition: the only difference between hands is the bending direction.  Thus, flattened form is (and must be) the same; the L/R difference depends only on which side the press brake hits the flat.  Typically, those parts are very simple mirror image brackets with just a few holes, fillets etc.  Keeping efficient fabrication in mind, they shall share the same flat.


Are there any options to tell the bending direction by means of configuration?  To my opinion, EdgeFlange or SketchBend are not configurable as it comes to bending side/direction; only via Suppressing one or the other you can change the case.  Fine.  But, as it usually is, the flange is not "just a flange with nothing" but it has myriads of holes and forms.  Which must be replicated, somehow.  Not redoing manually, please.


By now, the only solution I've found is SketchBend:  make all the required features in flat.  Then, sketch the first bend.  Bend.  Suppress.  Make another sketch - collinear with the #1 bend sketch (set visible).  Bend in opposite direction.  Configure with Suppressions acc. to desired handedness.  Works.


But, isn't this a bit awkward?  Are there any better solutions?