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PDM List with Alias

Question asked by David Lane on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by David Lane

I'm trying to create a new way for our company to create files in the vault. Specifically this is to address the issue of assigning serial numbers to Creo files.


So I have this list, which is basically setting the first part of the file extension. That allows me to keep a simple list for file type (asm, drw, prt).


My issue is templates are stored in a location like so Vault\Solidworks\Templates\ or Vault\Creo\Templates.


Is there anyway to have an input formula read the displayed value of a variable?


I'm guessing it's not possible, and I will either:

  • Have to change my first list to be a regular text list. Then make the File Type list controlled by variable (not the end of the world, just will have one extra list for now).
  • Or move all my templates, regardless of program to one directory. Then change the settings files for both programs. Probably want to avoid this method though in the off chance we add another software which uses the same file extensions (.asm, .drw, .prt)