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Cannot connect to database - tew-app-data

Question asked by Aaron Neal on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Aaron Neal

Hi All, we have a new server installation of Solidworks (collaborative server, network license, and network database) which has been working for about half a day, long enough for us to create a few test projects and start creating some templates.


One of our users was adding a new symbol to a schematic, decided against it and pressed the "delete" keyboard key twice. Upon doing this, SW Electrical completely closed, i.e. back to windows.


Now we cannot load up SW electrical on any of our client machines, with a number of database errors showing instead.

I have restarted the server hosting everything, checking that all services are running. The SQL database can be connected to and browsed fine with the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


We are at a loss, and need to know the cause of this, if this happens in the future and brings our engineering team to halt, this will not be acceptable.


I assume we are noticing some sort of DB corruption, however, the query execution error log found in application settings is not showing anything relevant to this problem?!?


Help on this would be massively appreciated as we currently cannot continue preparing to move onto SW electrical.