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Solidworks 2019 sp5 freeze periodically ONLY if  license borrowed

Question asked by Yuri Maclayen on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2020 by Cemil Riemer

Hi , after almost whole day of testing I have find the problem

Solidworks 2019 sp5 freeze every several minutes for about 5-10 seconds .
This happens ONLY if I work with borrowed license .
Even if computer connected to work Network but license is borrowed .
It freezes no matter if I'm in sketch , assembly , drawing
or even browsing some menus of solidworks , for example option or customize …

Solid works almost perfect if working without borrowing

anybody have suggestion how to fix this problem ?

windows-7-64 .

solidworks 2019 sp5


all Add-Ins..  are OFF . 

autosaving is OFF