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Updating SW and PDM to 2020 and moving PDM to new server

Question asked by Nate Kinkley on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Jennifer Bahnsen

We are updating to 2020 across the board. This means a few hardware updates including our SQL server and probably our license server. 


In the past I've always made sure to have everyone check in their files but now that I think about it more I don't see why they need to. 


Since the changeover may take some time to do I want users to have access for as long as possible. 


We'll change the license server over first and still run 2019 with 2020 licenses

Then move the SQL database to the new server with new OS

Then install 2020 PDM and SW at clients


Is this the right procedure?

If they need to check in items that's fine I just want to know if its best practice vs requirement