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Offline use of SolidWorks with Workgroup PDM and Toolbox

Discussion created by Martin Kestle on May 2, 2009
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I would appreciate any suggestions regarding the setup of my SolidWorks installation for remote use.

I do most of my work at my home office on a desktop and some work at remote (client) locations on my mobile workstation. I have SolidWorks installed on both machines and use PDM Workgroup and Toolbox extensively. When I get back to the office after working remotely, I dock my laptop which is then networked to the desktop via a wired LAN.

Initial setup:
For the last several weeks (since purchasing the desktop) I have kept the Vault and Toolbox on the laptop. That way I always have the files with me when I travel and when I am at the office. The desktop is my primary machine when I'm in the office and so it has to pull files over the LAN from the laptop when accessing the vault or toolbox. My VAR seems to think that this may be the source of some reliablility issues I have been experiencing, as SolidWorks on the Dell M90 has been a nightmare of reliability problems for ages.

Proposed setup:
I am thinking that for the best reliablility on the desktop, I will put the vault and the toolbox on it. The desktop has Raid1 hard drives which reduce the possibility of lost data and I do not have to pull data across the network when accessing the toolbox. For working remotely, I am thinking of trying to synchronize both the vault and the toolbox folders on the laptop using Offline files.

Has anyone tried this and had success or am I wasting my time? Are there better ways of doing this? My VAR is suggesting using Pack-and-go each time I leave the office but this is simply not a practical way to operate as I lose the toolbox references and have to manually fix the assemblies when I return.

I'm using SolidWorks 2009 SP3, XP Pro 32 bit on the M90 and Visa Ultimate x64 on the desktop.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Martin Kestle