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Server Down Notification?

Question asked by Joe Trzaska on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by Frederick Law

Can we get a notification when Solidworks server is down? Like when on Xbox live you can go there to the main dashboard and see if it is up and running. I don't want to call my VAR every time I get an error message that I cannot get an online license. Any Ideas? For instance, I was just in Solidworks and I restarted my computer and now I get a message that I cannot get an online license. I have seen this before and every time so far it is their servers are down and if I do nothing it will resolve itself. But in the meantime I done know this for sure so I call tech support and we go through everything and then they find out the server is down. 


Notice below that one game is not working for some reason. If these all said Solidworks Server or whatever that would be helpful.