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Help with "Copy with mates"

Question asked by Taylor Begay on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Mariah Fox

Hi everybody,


I am just having a little trouble with the "copy with mates" function while making an assembly. I am trying to copy mated spacers multiple times so I don't have to sit there and do concentric and coincident mates forever. I have attached my assembly through a zip folder created with pack and go, so you can all toy around with it and see what's going on.


I've created a small test assembly with a random part so that neither of the components involved in the mates I want to copy are not fixed, and are thus floating and free to move around. The non-floating parts are what I am concerned with.


There will be a plate with 4 holes in each of the corners. On one of the holes, there are 3 spacers that are mated to it. My goal is to "copy with mates" the 3 spacers in each of the 4 corners of the plate where the holes are, respectively.


My issue is that when I try to copy with mates, I get the error "Mates to be copied with the selected component are under defined". I've tried selecting the 3 spacers along with the plate, just the 3 spacers, just the one spacer that makes contact with the plate and the plate itself, but I just can't get it for some reason.


Any help would be much appreciated!!