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My file properties keep getting deleted !!!

Question asked by Greg Marz on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Matt Peneguy

I have about 30 properties in my models that are then used to fill out bill of material info , drawing title block info and a lot of PDM stuff. Solidworks keeps deleting all of the properties in the models I have. No reason that I can see. I will fill them back out and 10 mins later they are gone again. I have spoken with my Var and he seems to think I am the only guy in the world that this is happening to and keeps saying it a windows problem. How would Windows delete properties in Solidworks? I call B.S. I am running 2019 sp5. I have done full re-installs per the Vars suggestion. No luck. It has actually gotten worst after the reinstall. Basically every time I do anything to the model and it rebuilds the properties get deleted. Is anyone seeing anything like this? and if so do you have any ideas of what is going on.