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Seeking clarification of ASME "Unless otherwise specified" in general notes and tolerance block

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Brian Stoddard

So, the ASME Y14.100 spec says that in the general notes, "Unless otherwise specified" shall be used to indicate a default requirement and it can either be in a specific note or the note header.  However, in the example for the tolerance block on Y14.1, it also says "Unless otherwise specified".  So, which one is the master and which one is the slave?  We have surface finish and a break edges section as part of the tolerance block.  I'm not sure if this is ideal.  It was a carryover from old pencil drawing days where the values for both were left blank and where it could be manually filled in as necessary. 


We are trying to get a default surface finish to show on all drawings and if it needs to be something else, we would state it in the general notes.  But with both sections saying "Unless otherwise specified", there is no clarification as to which one overrides the other.


Which section overrides the other, if at all?  Can the surface finish and break edges be included in the tolerance block in the first place?