Sam Smith

Skeleton Modelling, SSM, Resilient modeling, Top Down, In-context etc etc, What are the best design methods and where can I find out more about them? 

Discussion created by Sam Smith on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by John Stoltzfus

Hi Folks


I've been modeling on and off for a while now and given it seems like I'll be doing a lot more of it in the future I want to start stepping up my game and creating models that don't explode at the slightest change (like they all seem to now!)


There quite a few techniques out there, and respectively they all seem excellent and robust in their own right, but I'm struggling to find some pretty thorough resources on any of them (either they're simpler than I think or I'm not looking hard enough!). 


Most of my work is frames and accessories for light commercial trucks so not many complex shapes or large assemblies, so I needn't delve too deep. They do come undergo changes in dimensions though across models lines and custom work, so I want to start building good habits and trying banish bad ones. 


Many thanks in advance!