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Project Organization/Creation

Discussion created by Conrad Fisher on May 1, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2009 by David Demaria
I am using a test vault - (without mercy!)

We are growing from a 1 Man Engineering Band to, well...more than 1. I'm trying to read up and implement PDMW as fast as I can but I want to do it "correctly".

Simple seems the most "correct".

Thus far, we've simply lived with a windows folder that contains;
Assembly Folder->Individual Product Assembly & SubAssembly Folders
Part Folder->Individual Part Folders containing individual part files
Our products aren't customer-based (i.e. many customers buy 1 product) so we're going to be looking at a relatively small number of Projects with a relatively large number of subprojects (i.e. Part Files Project->Part1 SubProject, Part2 Subproject etc)

Are we asking for trouble like this...or is this a completely normal setup?

I'm curious - how have people set up their Projects?