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Is there an addin available for purchase puts the PDM version on the face of a drawing at checkout?

Question asked by Karen Brunke on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Nilesh Patel

I have been asked to put the PDM version of a part or assembly on the drawing.  I need it to reflect the current version, so cannot update the variable with a transition.  I read several previous forum posts about using dispatch including blogs from Inflow and 3DVision, and can get the dispatch code to work EXCEPT for the dispatch limitation with referenced files.  I set it to work just after checkout and just before checkin.  In either case, files included in the operation without being selected (because of a reference relationship) do not get updated.  An example of this is the parts included in an assembly getting checked in with the assembly.  This limitation makes the dispatch solution unusable for us. 


I understand how to get the information to the drawing once it is in the PDM variable.  I reached out to our var, but so far have only received a canned answer explaining the generic limitations of dispatch, and why it is not reliable.


There were references in some of the old posts by Joy to a "VersionStamp" Add-in that could be purchased, but I have not been able to track it down.  Does anyone have new information for a custom solution or where I can purchase a canned solution?