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Design manager task bar disappears

Question asked by Lauren Harrison on Jan 18, 2020

Hi, so I downloaded Solidworks 2019, and when I try to draw a part, the taskbar on the left with the feature manager box, as well as the dropdown with "Features Sketch Evaluate"etc are disappearing. They aren't autohiding or anything- White (sometimes black) boxes go over them, and they almost flicker. It gets worse when I try to draw a line, and the entire feature manager box flickers, with some portions disappearing and others not. Sometimes the entire left side task bar disappears, sometimes just certain buttons. I just bought a brand new Asus GA502DU today, simply to only run solidworks. I took the system requirements up there and they told me this computer would have no problem. My graphics and anything I draw looks great on the right side, I just can’t edit hardly anything because the buttons all disappear. Please help.